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Ms Lana

Ms Lana

Year 2 Teacher Assistant


  • MAI, Russia
  • Moscow State University, Russia


  • Bachelor and Master of Engineering and Technology
  • English Language Teacher
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

When I was growing up my friends always said to me that I should become a teacher as I was always helping them in their studies and had enough patience to explain the material to them as many times as they needed it. When I finished school, I decided to get a degree in engineering. However, I liked (and still love) English and English Culture so I took part in Cambridge Programme at University and got FCE and a year later my CAE. After that, my English Language Teacher suggested me to assist her in an English language course for a group of High School students and since then my career in teaching began. I have been working as a private tutor for 8 years with different age groups.I started my career at ENS as a Support Teacher at Nursery Group last year. This year I am joining ENS team as a teacher’s assistant in Year 2. It is so exciting to see how children are happy here. They explore the world through playing and develop at all spheres - physical, emotional, social. I am glad I can help them in their learning, discoveries and mastering their English language. In my free time I enjoy walking with my dog in the park. Also I like travelling and exploring new places within Russia and other countries. It is exciting to learn about other cultures and customs.

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