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Give the children slimes, sit back and let them create!

What number is missing? Interactive maths at Reception group ENS Novo!

Chemical experiments at Year 5-6 ENS Mosfilm.

During phonics, the children participate in many different activities, including writing compound words and practicing using and spelling the tricky words.

The children at Nursery group ENS Novo are learning sounds and words in a captivating game!

Even though Christmas is over, our festive mood is still on:)
Here’s how December went at ENS Mosfilm.

We’re big, we’re small.
We’re young, we’re old.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and that is truly 🌟 proved by ENS Mosfilm Year 5/6.

Santa paid a visit to ENS Mosfilm students!
Time for Christmas songs and gift unpacking.

Very exciting day the children at ENS Novo had in December!
Santa himself paid a visit.

ENS Novo children were extra extra nice this year, so they got to make their Christmas gift requests for Santa.

В ENS накоплен большой опыт по использованию технологии предметно-интегративнного обучения.

Сотрудники ENS активно поддерживают научно-методические и культурно-просветительские проекты, связанные с темами образования и детского билингвизма.

В ноябре 2020 г. сотрудники ENS приняли участие в работе Казанского международного лингвистического саммита «Вызовы и тренды мировой лингвистики» (Kazan International Linguistic Summit «Challenges and Trends in World Linguistics»), посвященном 175-летию основателя Казанской лингвистической школы И.А. Бодуэна де Куртенэ .


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