COVID Measures

In the new unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, ENS is implementing measures aimed at maintaining the health of our pupils and employees.

Only students and staff are allowed in ENS buildings.

Non-contact body temperature check is taken daily at the entrance to the campuses.

Employees and children with signs of SARS are not allowed to work and study on campus.

ENS personnel are vaccinated. After each vacation and in the case sick people are detected, express diagnostics are carried out for the staff to detect coronavirus infection.

There is a disinfection regime on the territory of all ENS campuses and central office:

— during the day, additional disinfection of the premises is carried out in accordance with the instructions of Rospotrebnazdor;
— Disinfection of the air environment is carried out using professional devices for air disinfection;
— disposable cups are used for any drinks;
— increased attention is paid to personal hygiene (frequent treatment of hands with disinfectants).

Conversations and game-based learning activities are held with children, aimed at developing skills to protect themselves during a pandemic, as well as to relieve stress and tension associated with this situation.

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