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Moscow, Karanyshevskaya Naberezhnaya 10/2 123423 Москва, Россия
Moscow, Karanyshevskaya Naberezhnaya 10/2 Working hours: 8:15 - 15:45/17:00 Monday - Friday

ENS Karam is inviting children aged from 2.5 to 11 years old for the new 24/25 school year.

Acceptance is based on the results of the child’s diagnostic testing.

Campus teachers
Ms Nataliya Ms Nataliya ENS Karam
Pre-Nursery/Nursery Co-Teacher
Ms Isabel Ms Isabel ENS Karam
Pre-Nursery/Nursery Teacher
Mr Luke Mr Luke ENS Karam
Year 1 Teacher
Ms Louise Ms Louise ENS Karam
Year 2 Teacher
Mr Donat Mr Donat ENS Karam
Year 3 Teacher
Mr Bruce Mr Bruce ENS Karam
Year 4 Teacher
Ms Anna Ms Anna ENS Karam
Music Teacher
Mr Matt Mr Matt ENS Karam
Reception Teacher
Ms Tatiana Ms Tatiana ENS Karam
EYFS Light Teacher
Ms Maria Ms Maria ENS Karam
Year 1 Light Teacher
Ms Maria Ms Maria ENS Karam
Year 1 Light Teacher
Ms Irina Ms Irina ENS Karam
ENS Reviews
Masha’s Mum
Masha’s Mum #school 2019

«I am very grateful to ENS for giving me the opportunity to raise a child who’s benefited from comprehensive development in terms of pedagogy, psychology, and culture.»

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Artem’s Mum
Artem’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«Thanks to the Psychologist, who inspires hope every day that the adaptation period is going well (it could be worse) and that the child will soon find his feet.»

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Alina’s Mum
Alina’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«I am very impressed with her detailed approach to everything related to children’s nutrition.»

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Adam’s Mum
Adam’s Mum #school 2019

«The determining factor in our choice of a kindergarten, and then of a school, was the senior teachers at ENS are not just native English speakers, but qualified, experienced specialists with teacher training qualifications obtained in the UK. The comfortable and stimulating educational environment was also attractive.».

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