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Moscow Oblast' KP Onegino 143582 Москва, Россия
Moscow Oblast' KP Onegino Working hours: 8:15 - 15:30/17:00 Monday - Friday


The entrance hall of the new building reflects ENS’ traditions and ethos. read more The first space the children see in their school day is welcoming, inviting and cosy. The decor is all soft, calm colours - beige, white and green, texturized with wood finishes.

Arts Class

At the planning stage of building works, the architects were asked to create a unique space read more a unique space for art with windows on all 4 sides. The studio is very impressive and is filled with natural light. Our art studio will be used for many crafts besides painting; textile art, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and design using a wide range of materials. Children will also learn about great artists, architects and designers.


All classes, including the ones for English, Russian and Spanish, were equipped according read more to the suggestions and requests of our pupils. All the furniture is of a high quality in a warm and light colour. The desks move easily and can transform into any configuration to best make use of the spacious classrooms. The interactive boards, whiteboards and displays create a visually stimulating environment for the children. As well as plenty of storage space in every class, each child has an individual locker for their belongings.

The Lab

The ‘Big School’, the name our pupils gave the new building - will have its own Science read more Laboratory. We are very lucky to have a large dedicated room for the science curriculum of Key Stage 2 and 3. Plenty of space for practical work, a large metal sink and fully stocked shelves of equipment will make science interesting and engaging for each child at ENS Onegino.


A 145 square metre gym with 6 metre high ceilings means that the children can enjoy a huge read more array of sports in the new building - basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton, tennis, football and more. The sound-absorbing panels installed in the gym mean that even the most exciting lessons with the loudest cheers will not disturb other classes and their learning.

Dining room

Nutrition is taken very seriously at ENS and we focus a lot of our attention on making sure read more that mealtimes are an enjoyable part of the children’s day. Our nutritionists created a special menu for the pupils of the large school building - delicious, healthy, fresh and balanced meals. The kitchen and dining room take up over a quarter of the first floor of the school. The dining room is well equipped with comfortable tables and chairs and is painted in light yellow. While the younger pupils have their menu set for the week, the older pupils the new building can choose the meals they want for the week ahead. We will keep the traditional ENS mealtimes: breakfast, fruit snack, lunch and afternoon snack.


One of our most important goals is to raise interest in literature, both fiction and popular science. read more Teaching children to enjoy reading, giving them a chance to express their talents in writing is quite the challenge - that is why our teachers begin reading with puplils from a very early age. We create plays from the books, have our traditional Book Day and make reading exciting. The new library is very spacious and has a classic British interior - it will be the perfect place for reading, studying scientific materials and preparing for classes.

The launge

The launge is located right accross from the library. read more It will be a lovely sitting area to relax, socialize and read during the breaks.

ENS Onegino is inviting children aged from 3 to 10 years old for the new 24/25 school year.

Acceptance is based on the results of the child’s diagnostic testing.

Nursery:  3 — 4 y.o.

Nursery accepts children with no knowledge of English.

Reception: 4 — 5 y.o.

Reception accepts children with basic knowledge of English, children who understand the native speaker.

Year 1:  5 — 6 y.o.

Year 1 accepts children who understand the native speaker, already have basic mathematics skills, the ability to read and write.

Year 2: 6 — 7 y.o.

In order to master year 2 the child must know the academic outcomes of year 1.

Year 3:  7 — 8 y.o.

Year 4:  8 — 9 y.o.

Year 5:  9 — 10 y.o.

Year 6:  10 — 11 y.o.

For years 3/4/5/6 he child must know 70% of year 2/3/4/5 programme.

School Prep Class:  7 — 11 y.o.

School prep class accepts children with any or no level of English.

Campus teachers
Mr Glenn Mr Glenn ENS Onegino
Nursery Teacher
Mr Tom Mr Tom ENS Onegino
Head of School, Year 3 Teacher
Ms Karen Ms Karen ENS Onegino
Year 1 Teacher
Mr Jack Mr Jack ENS Onegino
Year 2 Teacher
Ms Gemma Ms Gemma ENS Onegino
Year 4 Teacher
Mr Dave Mr Dave ENS Onegino
Year 5 Teacher
Mr Nick Mr Nick ENS Onegino
School Prep Teacher
Mr Jorge Mr Jorge ENS Onegino
Spanish Teacher
Mr Radu Mr Radu ENS Onegino
Sport Teacher
ENS Reviews
Michelle’s Mum
Michelle’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«She always enjoyed going: every day brought new art and craft projects. We’re very pleased with the way they prepare children for Russian school: my child began to read and write better.»

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Liza’s Mum
Liza’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«There’s never any thought of playing truant or not going. She’s ready to talk to ENS about anybody anywhere, and to tell them all about it. Every day, when Liza tells me how her day went, I realise that I could never have taught her as much and done as much for her as the teachers do.»

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Alina’s Mum
Alina’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«I am very impressed with her detailed approach to everything related to children’s nutrition.»

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Amalia’s Mum
Amalia’s Mum #school 2019

«Thanks to everyone at ENS Onegino for such excellent preparation!»

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