Our Advantages
20 years of experience
20 years of experience 5 campuses in Moscow and Moscow Region
Educated teachers from the English-speaking countries
Educated teachers from the English-speaking countries With experience teaching in pressschool and schools
Fluent English
Fluent English Bilingualism from early childhool
Comprehensive development
Comprehensive development Music, sports, art
Psyhological services
Psyhological services We support the children's mental health and development
Speech therapy service
Speech therapy service Our specialists are always there to support children's linguistic development
ENS Kitchen
ENS Kitchen The menu at ENS is prepared by a full team of nutritionists and chefs
School uniform
School uniform Our students wear a stylish and functional school uniform

Private English kindergarten in Moscow - Welcome to English Nursery and Primary School

Nursery is the first stage in education. ENS employs professionals in psychology, linguistics, and pedagogy to work with the children. Our English nursery in Moscow attracts the best native speaking education specialists from England, the USA, and other English-speaking countries, who teach and develop children in English. By the age of 5, the child can become equally fluent in English and Russian.

English Nursery and Primary School in Moscow welcomes pupils from age 2.

ENS teachers
Matt Matt ENS Mosfilm
Reception Teacher
Ms Karen Ms Karen ENS Onegino
Year 1 Teacher
Mr Tom Mr Tom ENS Onegino
Head of School, Year 3 Teacher
Ms Sophie Ms Sophie ENS Dobrynya
KS1 Teacher
Ms Natasha Ms Natasha ENS Mosfilm
Nursery Teacher
ENS Reviews
Semyon’s Parents
Semyon’s Parents # Children's Garden 2019

«We have been taking our son to ENS Dobrynya for almost a year now. And over that whole time I’ve been able to see the boy reacting happily to going to nursery, asking the night before whether he will be going there. :)»

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Danya’s Parents
Danya’s Parents

«He runs joyfully to kindergarten, he loves his teachers and he tries to learn a lot of new stuff. We are very happy that we made our choice in favour of ENS a few years ago.»

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Amalia’s Mum
Amalia’s Mum #school 2019

«Thanks to everyone at ENS Onegino for such excellent preparation!»

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ENS Karam
ENS Dobrynya
ENS Mosfilm
ENS Novo
ENS Onegino
Central office
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