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«Dear Svetlana Viktorovna, Miss Karen, Mr. Aaron – the main thing I can say is that ENS is the best thing I have done for Nikita in his 5 years of life! With great respect and love for each of you! The entire ENS team makes children happier!!! Thank you so much! See you on 1 September!»

«My daughter attended ENS for 4 years, starting at the age of 3. Studying at ENS gave her a confident basic level of spoken English, the ability to understand it when she hears it, and native-level pronunciation, which foreigners remark on every time we travel abroad.»

«We have been taking our son to ENS Dobrynya for almost a year now. And over that whole time I’ve been able to see the boy reacting happily to going to nursery, asking the night before whether he will be going there. :)»

«I am very grateful to ENS for giving me the opportunity to raise a child who’s benefited from comprehensive development in terms of pedagogy, psychology, and culture.»

«Many thanks to the whole ENS staff for their work and for creating an amazing friendly atmosphere, an atmosphere of cooperation; special thanks to Svetlana Viktorovna for the excellent organisation of all events and holidays; to Miss Karen for responsiveness and goodwill»

«Thanks to the Psychologist, who inspires hope every day that the adaptation period is going well (it could be worse) and that the child will soon find his feet.»

«She always enjoyed going: every day brought new art and craft projects. We’re very pleased with the way they prepare children for Russian school: my child began to read and write better.»

«So our first year at ENS is over. It wasn’t easy, but it’s been very interesting and informative all the same!»

«There’s never any thought of playing truant or not going. She’s ready to talk to ENS about anybody anywhere, and to tell them all about it. Every day, when Liza tells me how her day went, I realise that I could never have taught her as much and done as much for her as the teachers do.»

«I am very impressed with her detailed approach to everything related to children’s nutrition.»

«He runs joyfully to kindergarten, he loves his teachers and he tries to learn a lot of new stuff. We are very happy that we made our choice in favour of ENS a few years ago.»


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