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Moscow, Ulitsa Pyr'eva 10A 119285 Москва, Россия
Moscow, Ulitsa Pyr'eva 10A Working hours: 8:00 - 15:30/17:00/19:00
 Monday - Friday

ENS Mosfilm is inviting children aged from 2 to 10 years old for the new 23/24 school year.

Acceptance is based on the results of the child’s diagnostic testing.

EYFS 1: 2 ,10 — 3,5 y.o.

EYFS 2:  3,5 — 4,5 y.o.

EYFS 3: 4,5 — 5 y.o.

Year 1: 5 — 6 y.o.

Prerequisites: the child must understand the native speaker, the child must already have basic mathematics skills, the ability to read and write.

Year 2:  6 — 7 y.o.

In order to master year 2 the child must know the academic outcomes of year 1.

Year 3: 7 — 8 y.o.

Year 4: 8 — 9 y.o.

Year 5/6: 9 — 11 y.o.

For years 3/4/5 he child must know 70% of year 2/3/4 programme.

Campus teachers
Ms Kate Ms Kate ENS Mosfilm
Pre-Nursery Teacher
Ms Natasha Ms Natasha ENS Mosfilm
Nursery Teacher
Matt Matt ENS Mosfilm
Reception Teacher
Mr Calum Mr Calum ENS Mosfilm
Year 1 Teacher
Ms Hannah Ms Hannah ENS Mosfilm
Year 2 Teacher
Mr Jardin Mr Jardin ENS Mosfilm
5/6 Year Teacher
Ms Lana Ms Lana ENS Mosfilm
Year 5/6 Co-Teacher
Mr. Matthew Mr. Matthew ENS Mosfilm
Year 4 Teacher

ENS Mosfilm offers a variety of both group and individual extracurricular activities:

ENS Reviews
Svetlana. Nikita’s Mum
Svetlana. Nikita’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«Dear Svetlana Viktorovna, Miss Karen, Mr. Aaron – the main thing I can say is that ENS is the best thing I have done for Nikita in his 5 years of life! With great respect and love for each of you! The entire ENS team makes children happier!!! Thank you so much! See you on 1 September!»

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Roma’s Parents
Roma’s Parents # Children's Garden 2019

«Many thanks to the whole ENS staff for their work and for creating an amazing friendly atmosphere, an atmosphere of cooperation; special thanks to Svetlana Viktorovna for the excellent organisation of all events and holidays; to Miss Karen for responsiveness and goodwill»

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Alina’s Mum
Alina’s Mum # Children's Garden 2019

«I am very impressed with her detailed approach to everything related to children’s nutrition.»

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Adam’s Mum
Adam’s Mum #school 2019

«The determining factor in our choice of a kindergarten, and then of a school, was the senior teachers at ENS are not just native English speakers, but qualified, experienced specialists with teacher training qualifications obtained in the UK. The comfortable and stimulating educational environment was also attractive.».

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