ENS Uniform
ENS Uniform The uniform with the school's blazon unites the children, the educational environment and the teachers. The uniform provides a sense of community.
Food at ENS
Food at ENS A full team of chefs nutritionists collaborates in order to provide the perfect diet for our children. All meals are cooked in house out of fresh ans high quality ingredients.
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Activities ENS provides a range of various extracurricular activities. The classes are held in groups and/or individually.
Speech Therapy Service
Speech Therapy Service We closely monitor the quality of the child's mother language. It is crucial that the quality of the mother language is high, in order to successfully learn a second language.
Psychology services
Psychology services Our goal is to create the perfect psychological environment for the development of each child.
Music Music lessons benefit the auditory perception of a foreign language. With the help of games and songs English lessons are fun and seamless for the children.
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