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Mr Tom

Mr Tom

Year 5/6 Teacher


  • University of Nottingham, UK
  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • TEFL Academy, Moscow


  • Bachelor of Science(Honours) in Neuroscience
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Level 5 TEFL course (168 hours)

I am a confident, dedicated and hard-working graduate of The University of Nottingham, whom has completed my NQT year at an inner-city London school, after having been awarded my PGCE in Biology. I have a passion for travel and different cultures which I have explored through travelling and sport, enabling me to meet a diverse range of people from various backgrounds. More recently I have begun teaching English in Moscow, where I am currently enrolled in a level 5 (168 hours) TEFL course, fully expecting to gain the qualification by the end of December, having longed for an opportunity to fully embrace a culture far different from my own. These experiences have filled me with a strong, lasting desire to teach and inspire young people to expand their own horizons; encouraging them to be ambitious in the paths they aspire to fulfill. I am now eager to pursue my professional development in a new, dynamic setting to combine my love for teaching and foreign culture. In addition to my academic qualifications and skills, I actively work in a way that empowers pupils and their support networks in pursuit of the best possible outcomes and life opportunities.

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