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Miss Nika

Miss Nika

KS1 Assistant


  • Moscow State Linguistic University,
  • Kaplan International English Dublin


  • Bachelor in Linguistics,
  • Certificate in Teaching Russian to Speakers of other Languages,
  • TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

Since my early years I’ve always paid much attention to school lessons. I would come home, write my own lesson plans and then share my ideas with teachers. I suppose exactly this defined my life vector. After graduating from Moscow State Linguistic University and studying in Ireland, I finally became a teacher. The journey that we came through together with children was incredible. We studied, discovered new things from each other and tried to overcome difficulties. Sometimes I wonder: what is this special ingredient which helps me to find this invisible and strong connection with kids? The answer is - trust. When kids trust you they let you join their magical world and turn the learning process into a captivating game.

ENS is a unique school with lots of opportunities; every day when I see the light in children’s eyes, I understand how lucky I am to be a part of such a big family!

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