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Ms Isabel

Ms Isabel

Pre-Nursery/Nursery Teacher


  • University of Vermont


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • TESOL Certification (University of Vermont)
  • TEFL Certification
  • Adult & Pediatric FirstAid/CPR Certificate (American Red Cross)

After graduating from University in the United States, I began my teaching career and developed a passion for teaching young children. I initially worked at a private preschool as an assistant preschool teacher helping children ages 4-5 years old. Then I moved to a private nursery and kindergarten where I taught pre-nursery and nursery classes, while also assisting other classes and gaining experience with children ages 1-6 years old. My previous studies of Russian language, culture, and history later prompted me to work abroad here in Moscow, and I have loved living here ever since. Here in Moscow I have worked at both an international kindergarten and international school as a pre-nursery and nursery teacher. In my classroom I try to create a warm, kind, and welcoming environment where children love to learn. I focus on natural acquisition of the language through play, exploration, dancing, songs, crafts, and other fun activities. Children are encouraged to use as much English as possible, demonstrate good manners and behaviour, and develop important life skills. In my free time I love to spend time with animals, explore the city, and travel around Russia when I can.

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