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Mr Matt

Mr Matt

Reception Teacher


  • The Open University


  • Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood Education)
  • TEFL certified English teacher

I am from Birmingham in England.
I began my teaching career in Xi’an, China in 2014 shortly after gaining my TEFL certification. I started teaching at a language school and amassed over three years’ experience teaching English to children of all ages and IELTS test preparation for teenagers and adults.

After leaving China, I moved to Melfi in Southern Italy. As a private tutor for children, I helped my students prepare for their Cambridge English examinations.

Since moving to Moscow in January 2019, I have primarily worked with nursery children. I realised early on in my career the unrivalled sense of accomplishment from teaching early years. To instill confidence in a child and nurture their independence never feels like work, but rather a joy and a privilege. In my spare time I study Russian and enjoy doing exercise such as running and playing squash. I am also an avid traveller with over 30 countries visited so far (and hopefully many more to come!)

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