XIV международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку «British Bulldog»

Please Meet Mr Ashley

At ENS Novo Mr Aaron always has a very busy morning with the Reception children!

Odd numbers, even numbers, numbers in the 10 or 5 times tables – KS1 group at ENS Dobrynya know them all!

Maslenitsa at ENS Novo

Коллектив English Nursery & Primary School посетил в ГБОУ Школу № 1569 «Созвездие» в рамках городского образовательного проекта «Гостеприимные школы».

Getting Creative at ENS Dobrynya

Celebrating Dads

Friendship Day

Why Do We Like Winter?

Give the children slimes, sit back and let them create!

What number is missing? Interactive maths at Reception group ENS Novo!

Chemical experiments at Year 5-6 ENS Mosfilm.

During phonics, the children participate in many different activities, including writing compound words and practicing using and spelling the tricky words.

The children at Nursery group ENS Novo are learning sounds and words in a captivating game!

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