What is the non boring way to learn the vegetables?
Create a story involving them!

Every Friday Mr Matt’s class at ENS Mosfilm has “Show and Tell” time.
Children bring a toy from home and tell the class about.

В октябре прошла научно-методическая встреча представителей ENS с руководителем российского отделения британского  Института нейрофизиологической психологии The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (The INPP) Луниной Натальей Викторовной.

Last Friday ENS Dobrynya had a Harvest Festival.
The children all looked wonderful in their Autumn themed costumes.

At this special time of year when the nights grow longer, the days shorten and the leaves turn golden, red and brown and fall from the trees, we celebrate the ‘Harvest’ when food is collected for the Winter-time.

Some people can’t see. They touch things by fingers or smell by the nose or try to hear with ears. Mr Aaron’s class had a rough task: the children used their organ senses, trying to recognize similar things in a different way of cognition.

“La mariposa” or “la mariquita”, “la rana” or “la araña”? Such similar words by sound, but so different by their meaning! And the children at Year 2 can define and write them easily. Learning Spanish can be exciting when it comes to ENS teachers.

We are glad to introduce our new EYFS teacher – Miss Jessamy, Early Years Education specialist from UK. (Birmingham City University). Welcome Miss Jessamy to our wonderful team!

Books answer questions, but they also create questions. Books help us reflect on right and wrong, books can offer guidance amd help us determine our life priorities, our own set of values.

Can you guess various music instruments by their sound?

Today ENS conducted its annual fire alarm training to ensure the children are well-prepared for an emergency.

A life hack from Miss Jessamy: how to learn new letters and sounds?

Do you know the biggest river in Asia? Or animals inhabiting North America? Or the biggest country of Africa? The children at Year 3 do! And can easily depict it all on paper.

Just one month of studying at ENS and a 2 year old boy can already easily find numbers in English!
With the help of a ladybird everything is possible

ENS Onegino Year 1 teacher, Mr Darren, ran the Moscow Marathon on Sunday 20th September! Mr Darren is raising money for ENS charity work supporting orphanages in the Bryansk region.

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