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Ms Louise

Ms Louise

Year 1 Teacher


  • University of Roehampton, UK
  • University of Cambridge


  • PGCE Primary (Early Years and KS1) with QTS
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics

I had always wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up; however, on finishing my degree, I initially embarked on a career in Marketing. As much as I enjoyed it, after five years I was confident that my heart didn’t lie in the world of business and in 2010 I moved into teaching. I started as an assistant teacher at Ibstock Place School in London, progressing to be a teacher and co-ordinator of the Pre-Preparatory department (ages 3-6). My desire to work abroad then brought me to Moscow, where I have lived and worked since 2014, just returning to the UK for one year to further my qualifications. I have spent over four years teaching at ENS and I love being part of the ENS community and getting to know all the children and their families. For me, teaching is about building relationships with children to support and challenge each one of them in their own way. I hope to inspire a love of learning and to foster independence, inquisitiveness and initiative in all the children I work with.

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