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Ms Maria

Ms Maria

Year 1 Light Teacher


  • Russian State University for the Humanities
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University


  • Bachelors in English Philology
  • Teacher of Russian as a second Language (MSU certificate)

I began working in the educational field while studying at university, and I have continued to this very day. In this time I have worked with Native speakers from all over the world to educate students from pre-school all the way to high school. Also I am experienced in teaching ESL classes and tutoring English for both children and adults. Since a young age I knew that I wanted to work in the educational field and after High School I completed my Bachelors in English Philology at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

I believe a friendly atmosphere in the classroom helps children become confident about their own abilities and encourages them to pursue their talents in the best way possible. I love helping my students not only in their studies, but also to be safe and happy.

It is my sixth year with ENS, and I am finding it to be a great experience working alongside Native Speakers as a teacher and hope to continue working with children in my career for the foreseeable future.

In my free time I enjoy reading literature in both English, Russian. I prefer calm, relaxing activities like crocheting, painting, and gardening. I am also learning French and Italian whenever I have a chance to, and there are even more languages I would like to speak in the future!

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