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Ms Marie

Ms Marie

Year 1 Teacher Assistant


  • Lincoln Trail College in Illinois
  • USA University of Central Lancashire
  • Cyprus Business and Design Institute, Moscow


  • Associate in Science and Arts
  • Diploma with Honours (BA)
  • Organizational Management Diploma in Linguistics

Growing up my parents constantly reminded me about the value of finding one's own passion in life, that not only could be a pleasant extracurricular activity but also have the potential of becoming a fulfilling career choice. That is precisely why after graduating with my first degree from the United States of America and subsequential return to Moscow, I dedicated 2 years of my life trying out different working environments, ranging from hotel business and management to logistics. In the meantime, I additionally provided private English lessons, primarily to preschoolers. I discovered a joy for teaching and decided to obtain a degree in pedagogy in a British institute. I can confidently say, that this was 100% the right decision. It also helps that my family has always showed support in anything I commenced.I began learning English when I was 5 years old, when my family temporarily moved to England, where I attended reception in a public school. My three other siblings are also multilingual, therefore we were always able to speak, read and play in a foreign language at home. All of us, at one time or another, have had experiences with the British educational system. As soon as I arrived at ENS, I immediately felt at home. In addition to my regular schooling, I have also received an education in music and art, but most importantly, I rediscovered my love for children and the ability to foster healthy relationships in a creative, fun and educational work space.

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