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Ms Anna

Ms Anna

EYFS Teacher Assistant


  • MGIMO, Moscow


  • International Lawyer in Jurisprudence with Command of Foreign Languages (English, Spanish)
  • Business English course in BKC-IHCertificate Advanced English in BKC-IH

I have always had a craving for learning languages. From early childhood I demanded that my parents send me to school with advanced study of English language and English literature. Then I got the opportunity to practically study English, having studied for a year in England and then in Switzerland.Studying at University gave me the opportunity to get a good level of English grammar. After passing 2 exams at the accredited Cambridge School of Foreign Languages in Moscow, I decided to try myself as a Teacher Assistant in ENS.For the second year now, I have been working at ENS and I truly enjoy the process of teaching children. This is the most valuable result of such a long process of learning English.

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