Music teachers
Mr Donat

Mr Donat

Year 3 Teacher


  • University of Chichester, UK
  • Bangor University, UK
  • University of Southampton, UK


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Music
  • Master of Music

While growing up, I had the privilege of inspiring and thoughtful teachers who no doubt had a role in me also wanting to be a teacher.
After finishing my Master’s degree in Music in 2017, I decided to tutor children in piano for two years, which made me realise that I really enjoy teaching.
In 2021 I completed my PGCE at the university of Chichester, which was when I saw an opportunity to join ENS. Having a bilingual background myself, I have seen first-hand the amazing advantages it brings to be able to speak in another language and I thought this school would be a great place to help children acquire this skill.
For the last two years I have been working at ENS Onegino as a class teacher across Key Stage 2 of the British curriculum, having gained extensive experience in teaching English in an EAL context and I am excited to join ENS Karamyshevskaya this year.
I work hard to ensure that each child gets the best out of lessons, tailored to their specific stage of development. I believe that they should be given the opportunity not only to excel in English, but also to explore their own interests and find that learning can be exciting and worthwhile at every turn.

In my spare time I like to compose music, read and explore Moscow – there is always something new to discover!

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