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Year 5-6 ENS Karam are learning about more advanced aspects of music…

Year 2 were sharing their exciting Summer holiday pictures and planning a recount writing using key past tense words “ate”, “saw”, “went”.

Открытие нового здания школы ENS Онегино

Pupils in Year 4/5 have been designing and creating a patchwork square to be sewn into a class patchwork quilt.

At ENS Mosfilm, the Year 5/6 class managed to shrink our entire Solar System into just 5 meters!

The Year 4/5 pupils deepened their understanding of adding two or more proper fractions where the total was greater than 1.

Spy scavenger hunt at ENS Novo Reception class

Year 1 ENS Karam moved to the 16th century!

Are you ready for Easter?

International festival at ENS Mosfilm

The ENS Karam Year 1 children made up their own stories, wrote them down and performed their stories to their friends.

In this art lesson, Year 2 children explored using shape and colour in the style of the artist, Paul Klee. Using his artwork ‘Castle And Sun’ as inspiration, they created their own abstract pictures of fairy tale homes.

For Book Week the children at ENS Novo brought their favourite books to school and dressed as their favourite characters. They were all very excited to share these stories with their friends!

Our ENS astronauts enjoyed their trip to space in our Planetarium! The children at ENS Dobrynya learned all about our solar system and beyond!

Looking for eggs, cooking hot cross buns, decorating and painting eggs and making origami bunnies — that’s how Easter was celebrated at ENS Karam!

XIV международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку «British Bulldog»

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