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Story of “The Nutcracker” is a classic Christmas story. Many generations of children have gathered around the warm fireplace to listen to this beautiful and enchanting tale. As time passes, children are still children, yet they are very different and unique as each generation is.

This Christmas ENS Karam has prepared a modern interpretation of this classic story! Now it is your turn to sit down and enjoy our version of “The Nutcracker”. We are certain it won’t disappoint as this interpretation is featuring young and very young actors, contemporary staged dances, a rap battle, both classic and new Christmas songs.

We are saddened parents couldn’t join us at school for Christmas celebration. However, this year’s challenge made both students and teachers think outside of the box. Our ideas were put together into this film which we hope will become a cherished memory in your home’s video library. Please, welcome, ENS Karam 2020 presents …


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