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Harvest Celebration

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Harvest Celebration

At this special time of year when the nights grow longer, the days shorten and the leaves turn golden, red and brown and fall from the trees, we celebrate the ‘Harvest’ when food is collected for the Winter-time. In honor of this tradition, during the last week of term the children of ENS took part in a series of different activities to celebrate when we say goodbye to the Summer-months and get ready to welcome the cold. Some of the younger children took part in storytelling as well as investigating some of the vegetables that are collected at this time of year. In addition to this, they baked and played harvest-games. Further up the school, the children took part in pumpkin and wreaths decoration and pointillist finger-painting of an Autumn-scene to create a giant collaborative art-work. Our children enjoyed the different activities and all deserve a well-earned week off after working so hard this term!

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