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Mr Sam

Mr Sam

Year 5-6 Teacher


  • Leicester University, UK


  • B. Ed (Hons), a four-year specialist teaching degree. Specifically for ages 7 to 11 Licenced & Registered Teacher Status with the UK Department for Education Curriculum specialism – Mathematics,
  • Major – Humanities, Minor - Human Movement
  • Member - Chartered Teachers College London

I am a longstanding experienced teacher. Half of my teaching career has been in the UK and the other half has been internationally. My teaching degree is based on the English National Curriculum and most of my career has been involved in delivering this curriculum. However, I have also been involved in other curricula such as the IB, PYP and IPC programmes. This has allowed me to develop my teaching style and philosophy that incorporates the best parts of each of these curricula that truly enhances my teaching of the English National Curriculum. I consider my passion for teaching with commitment and enthusiasm. My first priorities as a teacher are the safety and happiness of all students. Secondly, I pursue the development of knowledge, skills and understanding of the curriculum through the promotion of independence, confidence, motivation and inspiration within each student. It is always my aim that all students achieve their maximum potential and are fully ready for the next stage of their education.

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