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Mr Rob

Mr Rob

Year 4 Teacher


  • Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK


  • PGCE Primary Education

My previous teaching experience has been in both state and church schools. I have been working past two years in the BISAK school of Saudi Arabia. My first year was spent in year three, the second in year four. In the second term of my first year I was promoted to ‘Head of Humanities’. In this role I trialled a new scheme of work involving tiered activities that was most successful. I also carried out lesson observations and audited books with a view to offering feedback to colleagues as how to improve their teaching-practise.Up until February of 2017 I was working in a dual-form entry Church of England primary school in a year three class in the East Lancashire town of Padiham. During this time, I was covering a maternity leave and took on the all the responsibilities of the class teacher including planning, assessing and two parents’ nights.Previous to this I was in full-time employment for three years in a large Catholic primary school in West Yorkshire: first working in year three, then two years in year five. As well as teaching / planning / assessing, my responsibilities have included leading liturgy assemblies with my class for the whole school and planning and delivering ‘guided-group’ worships. I am very excited about working at ENS and in Russia!

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