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Mr. John

Mr. John

Year 6 Teacher


  • University of West Florida, USA
  • Rennert International Language School, World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute (SIT) USA


  • BA (Honors) English Literature and German Studies
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education - Primary (PGCE)
  • SIT TESOL Certificate

I am from New York City, USA. I have always had an interest in primary school teaching and began teaching as a tutor in middle school helping younger students and teaching in the children's garden at the New York Botanical Gardens. In 2014 I decided to combine teaching and my interest in foreign languages and culture by moving abroad to Moscow, where I began teaching upon the opening of the ENS Mosfilm. In my time teaching here, I have taught the whole primary age range from Nursery to Year 6. The most important aspect of teaching for me is being emotionally present for my students and identifying their individual needs in order to challenge and assist them in their learning; in this way, I strive to facilitate a learning experience facilitating positive social and emotional development in addition to academics.

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