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Mr Aaron

Mr Aaron

Music and "Helen O'Grady" Drama Teacher


  • University of Louisville, USA


  • Bachelor of Music

I'm from Indiana - the good old midwest. This is my fifth year teaching and I'm lucky that it's taken me all over the place. I've had stints teaching English at primary schools in Mongolia and Music at a boarding school and university in India. Before coming to Russia, I worked to coordinate after-school programs for refugee children in Kentucky. This is my second year teaching Drama and Music in Moscow.

Musically, I've had very rich experiences. My mother is a music teacher, so I was started early and it's stuck with me as my passion and profession as an adult. I've had the pleasure of performing with the Louisville Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Kentucky as well as tour with the internationally-ranked Cardinal Singers. I'm eager to share my experiences as a singer and as an actor with the kids at ENS!

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