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Ms Pauline

Ms Pauline

Head of School


  • University of Lancaster, UK
  • National College of School Leadership, UK
  • University of Central Lancashire, UK


  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education - Primary (PGCE)
  • National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)
  • BA (Honours) Social Policy and Administration
  • MA (Merit) Writing for Children

I am from Lancashire, in the North West of England. I have always had an interest in child development and began my teaching career as a volunteer in the local primary school. Soon I was employed as a teaching assistant and quickly became convinced that I should begin to study for my teaching certificate. I became a fully qualified teacher in 2002. Since then I have taught the whole primary age range, from Nursery up to Year 6, teaching at several different schools in England before I came to Moscow to work for ENS.

I have had different responsibilities through my career such as leading subjects within schools, tracking pupil progress across the school, managing support staff and mentoring student teachers in their school-based learning. I have also been an Assistant Headteacher and a Deputy Headteacher in the UK. During my time with ENS I have taught Nursery and Year 1.

ENS Onegino Teachers

Mr Lewis ENS Onegino
Teaching Assistant
Ms Megan ENS Onegino
KS2 Sport Teacher
Ms Jenna ENS Onegino
Reception Teacher
Mr Derek ENS Onegino
School Teacher
Mr Jorge ENS Onegino
Spanish Teacher
Ms Lucie ENS Onegino
Nursery teacher
Ms Janet ENS Onegino
Year 4 Teacher
Mr Darren ENS Onegino
Year 1 Teacher
Ms Tanis ENS Onegino
Year 1
Ms Anna ENS Onegino
EYFS Teacher Assistant
Ms Marie ENS Onegino
Year 1 Teacher Assistant
Ms Leysan ENS Onegino
ESL Teacher
Ms Gemma ENS Onegino
Year 5 Teacher
Ms Lana ENS Onegino
ESL Support Teacher
Ms Karen ENS Onegino
Year 2 Teacher
Mr Tom ENS Onegino
Year 3 Teacher
Mr Sean ENS Onegino
Year 6/7 Teacher

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